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El Sheikh Emam

BOB Marley – I shot the sheriff

Almazeeg Alameeq I – Rot

Almazeeg Alameeq II – Blood

Mostafa Ibrahim

Andeel Interview with Status/الوضع Part 1

Andeel Interview With Status/الوضع Part II

Andeel Interview with Status/الوضع Part III

Andeel Interview with Status/الوضع Part IV

Bent El Masarwa

Indie and Alternative Music Production in the Arab World

Red card from Tahrir square

Bassem Youssef – Song

Ramy Essam

No Woman, No Drive


El General

The Choir Project

An Egyptian Exorcism (Zaar) in Tahrir Sq.

Egypt: The Revolution of Al-Fann Midan

I Shot the Sheriff

Al-Shorouk Newspaper Report on “Red Tomato” Troupe

Report on Cairo’s “Sandook El Donia” by the Mahatat Initative

Report on Domestic Violence in Egypt by Mosireen

Report on Artellewa, a Cultural Space in Ard El Lewaa

We are being watched – Egyptoon

Happy Compliation

Happy Ain Shams University

Sand Bucket Challenge


Street Art in Libya

Street Art in Egypt

Street Art in Lebanon

Street Art in Mexico City

Walmart Workers Flash Mob | Raleigh, NC

Mahragan Banat Elkheir

Cairo’s El Mazzikateya jam with local musicians in Portsaid’s public spaces

Mahraganat: Cairo’s Music Revolution

My Makhzen and I

Drawing While the Hand Trembles: Translating the Attack on Charlie Hebdo

Subtitling in the Context of Contemporary Political Activism

Happy Valentine

Hologram Demonstration in Spain

Free Art Wall

Graffiti Street Art

ريم ماجد – جمع مؤنث سالم – شهيرة محرز

Mr. Nana in Tahrir Sq


How to be a poet in 30 seconds

Amir El Behar Song

Filmmaking in Egypt

Angry Birds in the Days of the Revolution

Bassem Youssef Remaking of a Children’s Song

Enta Mo’allem

Cairokee Remake

Street Art for Hope and Peace | eL Seed | TED Talks